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Dakshakriti is a social enterprise that aims to solve critical social problems by empowering leaders of purpose-driven organizations to implement their ideas and scale their social impact sustainably. Dakshakriti is where you can Create, Measure, and Communicate your impact. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimize performance and productivity to improve the quality of living for all.

Purpose & Data Driven Firm

We are change-makers working to build a more inclusive and sustainable world where all people can reach their fullest potential. As a social impact company, we work across sectors with our clients to develop unique partnerships, leverage resources, and support innovative solutions that help them create, promote, measure, and communicate their impact effectively and efficiently.

 We partner with and serve communities, governments, not-for-profits, and companies worldwide, providing an innovative mix of services for strategic planning and development, research to drive data-driven decisions, program implementation, capacity building, and creative campaigns that are actionable and mission-focused.

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Dakshakriti is a mission-driven consulting firm that promotes equity, justice, and inclusion in society. Our deliberate, collaborative approach integrates community voices into our work. We collaborate with businesses, foundations, nonprofits  & government to solve complex social problems. With our depth of practical expertise and creative thinking, we help you clarify, create, measure, and amplify your impact. We’re always learning, evolving, and applying innovative approaches while engaging with others who share our mission of making change happen for sustainable development.

Social Business Advisors are strategic advisory experts combining the best private sector strategy skills and rigorous analytical capabilities with deep knowledge and networks across social development models.

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Our organization is passionate about helping & supporting organizations with quality and evidence-based solutions and strategies. We always have and will continue to strive to be one of India’s best organizations for Creating, Measuring, and Communicating Social Impact efficiently and effectively. We will help you take your organization to a level where it grows sustainably and meets the demands of today’s opportunities and challenges for cutting-edge social development.

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Dakshakriti envisions a world where social-impact organizations are no longer held back by a lack of resources and scalability but are equipped with the right strategy, plan, and tools to implement their ideas and grow their social impact. We work collaboratively across sectors to develop unique partnerships, leverage resources, and support innovative solutions that help our clients drive social change, measure and evaluate social impact, and communicate this impact effectively and efficiently.

Art & Culture


Energy & Infrastructure

Education & Training



Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises


Social Welfare


Water & Sanitation

Agriculture & Allied Industries

Corporate Social Responsibility


Food Security

Health & Well-being

IT & Broadcasting

Policy & Governance

Social Entrepreneurship


Tribal Development

Women & Child Development

Capacity & Skill Development 

Economic Growth

Environment & Climate Change

Financial Services

Human Rights


Rural Development

Social Justice & Empowerment


Urban Planning & Development

Youth Development

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Amplify your Social Impact with the Right Strategy, Planning, and Resources!

Are you passionate about creating a long-lasting social impact to improve lives sustainably? Or, are you leading a purpose-driven organization working towards sustainable development? You have come to the right place! You can zoom in on a clear path forward through our disciplined and strategic process and a data-driven approach. It will be actionable and sustainable, guiding you and your team to the next level of impact.


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