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Dakshakriti is a social enterprise that aims to solve critical social problems by empowering leaders of purpose-driven organizations to implement their ideas and scale their social impact sustainably. Dakshakriti is where you can Create, Measure, and Communicate your social impact. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimize performance and productivity to improve the quality of living for all. 

Dakshakriti is a mission-driven consulting firm dedicated to providing holistic support and solutions to promoting multifaceted components essential for inclusive and sustainable development for all, thus promoting equity, justice, and inclusion in society. Our deliberate, collaborative approach integrates community voices into our work. We collaborate with businesses, foundations, nonprofits  & government to solve complex social problems. With our depth of practical expertise and creative thinking, we help you clarify, create, measure, and communicate to amplify your social impact. 

Our Mission

Dakshakriti is on a mission to help & support social-impact organizations, changemakers, communities, and governments with the right strategy, plan, and tools to implement their ideas and grow their social impact.

Our Vision

Dakshakriti envisions a world where technology, social innovations, education, and empowerment are rooted in equity, justice, and inclusivity for social and sustainable development.

Our Mission & Vision
Our Approach

Our Approach

Dakshakriti attempts to develop and promote social and sustainable development programs through the "Create - Measure - Communicate Social Impact"™ and "Enable - Enhance - Engage - Empower"™ models. Dakshakriti offers products and services for purpose-driven organizations, individuals, or communities working towards social development and sustainability. We're always learning, evolving, and applying innovative approaches while engaging with others who share our mission of making change happen for sustainable development for all. 

"Create - Measure - Communicate Social Impact"


We provide services and solutions that help purpose-driven organizations strategically plan and implement their social impact.


Our services & solutions help purpose-driven organizations make data-driven decisions, implement, monitor, and evaluate their social impact.


We help and support purpose-driven organizations in communicating their social impact stories to the World to amplify their social impact.

"Enable - Enhance - Engage - Empower"

"Empowerment means giving people the tools and knowledge they need to be able to act on their own to make truly informed decisions about what is going on in their lives." - Kathleen Flaherty.

The critical point about empowerment is that it paves the way for future leaders. Our future becomes bright by empowering others. Empowerment is vital as it is the only way to eradicate poverty and promote decent work for all. Empowerment is the way to develop competencies, capacities, and preconditions of individuals like peace, gender equality, and human rights. Empowerment is a powerful yet simple tool to achieve sustainable development for all. Empower yourself by empowering others.

We can empower people and achieve sustainable development by:

  1. Educating and motivating them.

  2. Providing a platform to showcase, collaborate, and apply their knowledge and skills to co-create and amplify their social impact.

  3. Providing access to the required resources to Create-Measure-Communicate their social impact.

  4. Building self-confidence and resilience among individuals, communities, and organizations.

  5. Conducting campaigns and training programs to help them enhance their skills in social and sustainable development.

Our services and solutions like Dakshakriti Academia, Dakshakriti ThinkLab, Research & Analysis, and Dakshakriti Media have been curated to meet education, skill development, and media requirements of purpose-driven organizations to amplify their social impact.


Our Core Values & Principles

“Friends, together, we can achieve a new phase of globalization that creates inclusive and sustainable markets, builds development, and enhances international cooperation. We each have a responsibility in moving our agenda forward.” - UNIDO

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We believe in the motto of togetherness. So let’s build together a world where technological and social innovations, education, skill development, and economic empowerment are rooted in sustainability to bring prosperity to the life of everyone.

Dakshakriti rises by helping and supporting others to achieve their goals and aspirations. Our success and happiness lie in empowering people’s lives and helping them attain a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their communities. We, the members of Dakshakriti, emphasize empowering lives through inclusive economic growth, extending social protection, right-based and decent work, and promoting jobs, enterprises, and social dialogue.

We at Dakshakriti focus on empowering lives through a significant focus on three sectors, which are social, economic, and environmental, that affect individuals, communities, and organizations in achieving sustainable growth and development.

We tested and implemented our solutions in different sectors to empower grass-root individuals, communities, and organizations. 

Our Core Values & Principles
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Our Field Action Projects

Social Advocacy Sector

The Humanity Calls

Agriculture Sector


IT & Broadcasting Sector

Live Radio

Service Sector

BokUp Pro

Art & Culture and Entertainment Sector

Vina Muze

Handicraft Sector

The Kala Story

Our Field Action Projects

Amplify your Social Impact with the Right Strategy, Planning, and Resources!

Are you passionate about creating a long-lasting social impact to improve lives sustainably? Or, are you leading a purpose-driven organization working towards sustainable development? You have come to the right place! You can zoom in on a clear path forward through our disciplined and strategic process and a data-driven approach. It will be actionable and sustainable, guiding you and your team to the next level of impact.


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