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Dakshakriti is a platform that provides holistic support and solutions to the multifaceted components that are essential for inclusive and sustainable development for all.

Dakshakriti is an attempt to develop, promote social entrepreneurship, in order to generate empowerment and bring prosperity to the life of people and communities. We target holistic development of the individuals and communities through research, skill development, vocational training, creating opportunities, generating livelihood and empowerment.

We aim at creating a space to bring forward the lived experience of individuals and communities through a strong and long-term relationship with the people involved in the field of empowering business and empowering lives. We work towards building a network of diverse individuals, communities, organizations, and professionals, by providing them a space to share their knowledge and experiences.

Dakshakriti envisions a world where technological and social innovations, education, skill development and economic empowerment are rooted in sustainability to bring prosperity to the life of everyone.

Enable > Enhance > Engage > Empower

“Empowerment means giving people the tools and knowledge they need to be able to act on their own to make truly informed decisions about what is going on in their lives. " - Kathleen Flaherty

The key point about empowerment is that it paves the way for future leaders. Our future becomes bright by empowering others. Empowerment is important as it is the only way to eradicate poverty and to promote decent work for all. Empowerment is the way to develop competencies, capacities, and preconditions of individuals like peace, gender equality, and human rights. Empowerment is a powerful, yet simple tool to achieve sustainable development for all. Empower yourself by empowering others.

We believe in the motto for togetherness. So let’s build together a world where technological and social innovations, education, skill development, and economic empowerment are rooted in sustainability to bring prosperity to life of everyone.

“Friends, together, we can achieve a new phase of globalization - one that creates inclusive and sustainable markets, builds development, and enhances international cooperation. We each have a responsibility in moving our agenda forward.” - UNIDO

We can empower people and achieve sustainable development by:

  1. Educating and motivating them.

  2. Providing a platform to showcase their skills and generate a livelihood for themselves.

  3. Providing access to the required resources.

  4. Building self-confidence and resilience among the individuals and MSMEs.

  5. Conducting campaigns and training programs to help them enhance their skills.


Dakshakriti rises by helping and supporting others to achieve their goals and aspirations. Our success and happiness lie in empowering people’s lives and helping them attain a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their communities. We, the members of Dakshakriti emphasize empowering lives through inclusive economic growth, extending social protection, right-based and decent work, promoting jobs, enterprises, and social dialogue.

We at Dakshakriti focus on empowering lives through a major focus on three sectors that are social, economic, and environmental that affects individuals and communities in achieving sustainable growth and development.

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