Dakshakriti Accreditation Standards: 


Dakshakriti Accreditation Standards represent standards for business accreditation by Dakshakriti in India. 

The purpose of the Dakshakriti Accreditation is to make it easy for customers to identify and support MSME services and products. The Accreditation helps service providers and businesses to assess its objectives, plan of work, achievements, and resources for more sustainable initiatives. 


Dakshakriti charges a fee to accredit your business. The sole mission of the fee charged is to advance trust in the marketplace and promote sustainable business development. 


The Dakshakriti Accreditation standards are based on the principles of Trust, Transparency, Integrity, confidentiality, and Professional Behavior. To have the business accredited by Dakshakriti, one must adhere to the standards.


Build Trust: 

Establish and keep up a positive history of your business in the marketplace. Here’s how to build trust and get accredited by Dakshakriti. 

  • Be active in the marketplace. 

  • Sell your services effectively. 

  • Be professionally competent. 

  • Abide by Business Laws and Regulations. 

  • Maintain a track record of qualifying business performance. 



Be Honest, Truthful, Transparent, and Trustworthy to grow your business sustainably. 

  • Provide Dakshakriti all data mentioned to guarantee adherence to the norms upon request. 

  • Provide clients with a direct and effective means to contact the business, return/refund policy, total price of the transaction including taxes, and any recurring commitment into which the client might be entering including payments, financial commitments and renewals. 


Maintain Integrity and Good Faith while handling business deals, commitments, and transactions.  



Safeguard customer data gathered against unapproved disclosure and fraud. Do respect customer preferences when it comes to utilization of their data. 

  • Collect information only as needed. Do disclose information to customers like what data is collected, how it is utilized, with whom it is shared, how it is protected, how it tends to be corrected, and how to address concerns over data misuse. 

  • Sensitive data like bank account numbers, payment card details, salary, or any other personal health or financial information must be collected and transmitted through secure means. 


Professional Behavior: 

Ensure to display a professional behavior. 

  • Fulfil customer’s service requirements, commitments, contracts, and representations. Deliver work on time. 

  • Be responsive and address disputes in a professional manner, at the earliest. 

  • Help Dakshakriti’s efforts in eliminating underlying causes of customer complaints recognized by the Dakshakriti. 

Are you a service provider, business owner, or an entrepreneur willing to start a business? 

You are eligible to avail Dakshakriti Accreditation for your business. 

The Dakshakriti Accreditation Logo enables businesses and MSMEs to thrive in a market saturated with organizations competing for clients. 

Check your eligibility: 

  • The applicant must own a business or be a service provider in the industries Dakshakriti serves. 

  • The applying organization should be a small or medium sized company with under 200 employees. 

  • The applicant can be an entrepreneur with an innovative business idea. 


Enroll in the Dakshakriti Accreditation Programme and let your customers know that your business operates genuinely and with integrity. 


How does the Dakshakriti Accreditation Programme work? 

Improved trust and credibility: 

The Dakshakriti Accreditation Logo adds credibility to the business. Having accreditation from Dakshakriti gives consumers confidence that they are engaging with an assessed and ethical service provider. 


Enhanced business exposure: 

The Dakshakriti Accreditation Seal puts your business in front of potential customers seeking out an honest business. 

Business tools: 

Dakshakriti provides access to various essential business tools and resources. Dakshakriti not just helps run a business but also plays an impeccable role to help your business thrive in the current highly competitive marketplace. 

Go digital: 

Build your business profile page, feature your services, and showcase your skills at BokUp Pro. Track and maintain the record of your business in the marketplace. 

Stay distinct and unique: 

The Accreditation Logo differentiates your business from others and shows that your organization is focused on maintaining ethical code of conduct. Having accredited by Dakshakriti helps you stand ahead of your competitors. 

Exclusive Programs and Services of Dakshakriti Accreditation Programme: 

  • The Dakshakriti Accreditation for the services your business delivers. 

  • Access to multiple channels, networking, and capacity-building programs.

  • Access to various Business Tools & Resources. 

  • Create your digital identity, feature your business, showcase your work, and build your brand. 

Need assistance with Dakshakriti Accreditation Programme? 

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